The Kruger Brothers

Internationally known and loved, The Kruger Brothers are a warm blend of heartfelt lyrics, humor and banter, and “so many notes” in their jaw-dropping compositions.


Since their formal introduction to American audiences in 1997, The Kruger Brothers’ remarkable discipline, creativity and their ability to infuse classical music into folk music has resulted in a unique sound that has made them a fixture within the world of acoustic music. The honesty of their writing has since become a hallmark of the trio’s work.

In their ever-expanding body of work – Jens Kruger (banjo and vocals), Uwe Kruger (guitar and lead vocals), Joel Landsberg (bass and vocals), and Jody Call (percussion)  – The Kruger Brothers personify the spirit of exploration and innovation that forms the core of the American musical tradition. Their original music is crafted around their discerning taste, and the result is unpretentious, cultivated, and delightfully fresh.


Stay tuned for more information: we are pleased to offer a banjo workshop with Jens and a guitar workshop with Uwe on the day of our festival! (An additional fee will be charged for the workshops.)


Junior Sisk Band

A songwriter and vocalist who has won multiple bluegrass awards through the years, Junior Sisk  keeps it real and keeps it entertaining for his audiences. He and his band are currently promoting their album, Load the Wagon, which spent six consecutive months at #1 on the National Survey Chart.

A longtime resident of the Virginia Blue Ridge, Sisk’s bluegrass pedigree runs deep. Influenced by a father who wrote songs and played guitar and a mother who sang, Sisk first learned to play around age 14.

His early influences included The Stanley Brothers, Larry Sparks, and Dave Evans, but he often credits the Johnson Mountain Boys with inspiring him to pursue bluegrass professionally. Sisk first made his mark in bluegrass as a songwriter in the early 1990s, penning classic Lonesome River Band songs like "Game (I Can't Win)" and "Tears Are Blinding Me."

The Junior Sisk Band includes Junior Sisk on lead vocals and guitar; Johnathon Dillon on mandolin; Heather Berry Mabe on guitar and the sweetest vocals this side of heaven; Tony Mabe on banjo, guitar and vocals; Douglas Bartlett on fiddle and vocals, and Curt Love on bass and vocals.

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Carley Arrowood Band

This multi-talented singer, songwriter and gifted fiddle player is well-known in bluegrass circles. She first gained a large following as a member of Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s band before striking out on her own. As a solo artist, she is topping the bluegrass charts with multiple recordings, including the song “Dear Juliana,” named in honor of a CBC camper. 


Carley’s background includes classical and Celtic music as well as bluegrass.  She is also a young woman of deep faith. “I want to convey that music is a gift from God,” she writes on her website. “We’re put on this earth to know Him and make Him known. It’s my calling to do that and to perform music straight from the heart.”

The Carley Arrowood Band includes her husband, Daniel Thrailkill on guitar, vocals; Autumn Watson on mandolin, vocals; Paul Watson on bass, and Sawyer Whitman on banjo.

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Big Ron Hunter 

Frequently referred to as The Happiest Man in Blues, Big Ron Hunter and his music bring a warmth and joy to the stage that is unmatched. Don't miss his self-described "red bank, squirrel-scratching blues" that will leave everyone smiling.

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